Best 5 Fuckbuddy Hookup Sites for 2019

Whether you agree with the label or not, people are calling this generation the “hookup culture” in part due to fuck buddy apps like Tinder. While I believe hookup culture must’ve been greater in the sex-positive 70s, there is still plenty of hooking up going around. But more recently, the trend of having a fuckbuddy has grown popular, and more people want no-strings-attached sex.

Some people aren’t fit for this type of relationship, but if you think you are and are craving sex but want to remain single at the same time, you can try it out for yourself. There are a few different ways you could find someone to be your fuckbuddy, but hands down the easiest method are by finding someone online.

For one, you won’t have to guess whether or not the girl you’re interested in will be down to be your fuckbuddy. Using sites that are meant for hooking up takes out the doubt when you meet someone because everyone on the site knows what they signed up for. Another thing is that it’s way easier to find women in your area who are into the idea than it would be going out and trying to meet someone. Granted, it’s not the best way to get a genuine impression of someone, but at least you’ll know before you meet if they’re someone you’d want to hook up with. Most sites let you chat with your matches to get a feel for them and get to know each other a little bit.

This step is crucial. While you’ll have to meet in person to get a real read on your compatibility, making sure you have chemistry online first is essential. It’ll help you figure out whether or not you should continue trying to hook up with them.

This brings me to another point, it’s so much easier to ask a girl to hook up with you on these sites than in person. It’s pretty much a given they’re into having casual sex with you since they’re on the site, and some will even ask you first. You just have to be nice to them and chat them up a bit first. Some hookup sites even let users share photos and videos, which most people use as sexting to share their nudes.

Overall, hookup sites are the best way to find a fuckbuddy. Once you get to meet them, whether, for a quick date or a hookup, you can talk about becoming fuckbuddies and depending on how good your chemistry is, they’ll either be for it or against the idea. Either way, you get to have sex, and if they don’t become your fuckbuddy, you can always easily meet someone else again on any hookup site.

If you’re looking for the best, most effective and trusted sites to find a fuckbuddy, here are our top five for 2019.


Some hookup sites lack in their user experience, but XMatch has tons of features to land yourself a hookup. You can join and create your profile for free, but you will have to upgrade your membership if you want to access all of their features. But for the most part, the free version is pretty good. It’s one of the largest adult dating platforms and has a large user base.

On XMatch, you can find and browse profiles of women in your area, chat with them via Instant Messenger, or two-way webcam chat, and browse the nudes of members on the site.

Yup, members can post their nudes on this site.

As you can tell, it’s a very sex-positive site that has lots of members, so there’s a good chance of finding someone in your area you could chat with.


The next hookup site that could lead you to your fuckbudyy is Fuckbook. Here, people looking for casual hookups, threesomes, and fuck buddies can meet each other. Think f this site as a Facebook for adults who want to hook up. Once you join Fuckbook, they’ll recommend you profiles nearby, and from there, you can chat them up – with the purchase of a membership, of course. I’d say that’s the only drawback of this site; while sign-up is free, you’ll have to upgrade if you want to reply to messages.

Memberships prices are pretty cheap, though, compared to other sites. You can also search for people on Fuckbook based on location, sexual preferences, fetish, and other filters. If you’re ever wondering which female profiles are real, the ones that are bots will be marked with a “C” on their profile.


As the name suggests, finding someone nearby to hook up with is easy on LocalHookup. One word to describe the vibe of this site is… spicy. Everyone on this site is pretty much on the same boat as you and looking for nothing but casual hookups, making for great potential to find a fuckbuddy. The way you meet people through this site works by matching based on distance, and once you have someone you could message them, but only if you upgrade.

While the women are indeed freaky on this site, you have to pay before you can talk to them. Additionally, it’s hard to tell which profiles are fake and which are real, so maybe you’d want to try another site from this list if you’re not too savvy at distinguishing between bots and real people.


One of the oldest and most trusted sites when it comes to hooking up is AdultFriendFinder. They’ve been around for years and have grown a large community of users interested in casual sex, and you could even find swingers on the site. If you’re looking for a hookup site with the most security, AFF is your best bet. Plus, there are more real profiles on this site than anywhere else.

Finding your perfect fuckbuddy through the site is super easy. You’ll find yourself meeting and talking to many women through AFF, and you can utilize their dating forums for help on how to get laid.

With a fast-growing community of like-minded singles, is perfect for long-term fuckbuddies. They’ve won awards for their hookup site from XBIZ and others, and they also have an app! You can find locals on this site, too, and they have protective security measures. You can also read the site’s blogs for tips on hooking up tonight, threesomes, and fuckbuddies. They have millions of members, and you can chat live with any of them.