Here Are The Top 5 Cam Sites

When it comes to porn, traditional porn is totally dead. Brazzers has flatlined, Bang Bus has broken down, who needs PornHub? Sure, porn is interesting, but do you know what’s more interesting? Live cam sex. Because why would you watch porn (with the same bullshit storylines, and the same bullshit acting, and the same everything), when you could watch something unfold as it happens. Why wouldn’t you watch porn where you could have the chance to sit in the director’s chair? I mean come on, why wouldn’t you? Sure, you might have to throw down like $10 to get a cam girl to pay attention to your requests, but isn’t that worth it? Instead of searching for hours on xHamster for something interesting to watch, you should really throw down a couple of bucks to get exactly what you want instead. To see the full list of best cam sites to check out in 2019, here they are.

Plus, these girls will talk to you! They’ll laugh with you, they’ll befriend you! Who knows, maybe they’ll even play on Xbox live with you with their boobs out! The possibilities are endless, my dude.

So, instead of wasting your time on some bullshit porn… here are the hottest cam sites you should check out right now:

  1. Chaturbate
    Honestly, Chaturbate Is my favourite site (which is why it’s in the number one spot, duh). Chaturbate is where some of the best girls cam, plus they’re mostly Amateur. You’re not going to find the same kind of girl-next-door girls on a different site where pornstars are paid to cam.
    The site is easy to navigate (which is important when you only have one hand free) and it’s pretty cheap to tip. The girls are hot and they’re normal people. You don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re talking to a bot, you’re talking to a real person who is just looking to make a little money on the side.
    Plus, if you feel like it, you can cam up yourself (provided you send in a photo of you and your license). This way you can make some coinage to pay the girls on here instead of opening your wallet.
  2. Camsoda
    If you like watching pornstars live, this is the best way to get up close and personal with them (without heading to Vegas for some porn-o convention)
    Sure, you’ll be talking with mostly pro sex workers, but it’s not all bad… I mean, how can watching pornstars ever be all bad?
  3. MyFreeCams
    This site is a mixed bag, but it’s a cam site nonetheless! I love how amateur the girls are on this one! Plus, they sponsor a bunch of award ceremonies (like AVN), so why wouldn’t you want to support them!?